Dear Abdul,

This is now our 18th email correspondence regarding repairs for 77 Cranwich Road, it is coming up to our 5th month of the rental agreement and the original problems have still not been fixed. It was agreed in contract that these would be resolved with urgency. 

This is an extremely unsatisfactory and negligent service; Loft Style Properties are employed as our property managers, and have not lived up to this title. We have been in contact with the citizens advice bureau with regards to the ongoing maintenance problems, and huge lack of communications from Loft Style Properties. We are losing money every day by the heating being lost through the draft in the upstairs bedroom, as well as the open kitchen covers due to the wrongly fitted dishwasher. 

We will be seeking legal advice from Harper Macleod LLP if these issues are not resolved immediately and if Loft Style Properties service does not improve. 

We are at home this week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday & the following week, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. This should be sufficient flexibility for the issues to be resolved.


Tenants of 77 Cranwich Road

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